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We are a digital marketing agency

The greatest success stories don't come about because a company was lucky... it's because they had a perfectly conceived and executed plan.

Online Marketing

Today’s marketing strategies are compelled to include media buying – in many forms. Once goals are set and the demographic profile is created, determining the appropriate integrated plan is the next step.

Social Media

It’s no longer enough to just setup a Facebook page and expect results. The torrential flood of social chatter requires a well-developed Social Media Plan and strong execution if you ever expect to be heard.


Data is powerful if used proactively. It is important to track everything that happens on your website and in your emails, however just as important is the ability to track where viewers’ eyes are going even if they aren’t clicking.

Web Design/Development

We know the technical aspects of web design but we also understand how consumers interact with websites. You can’t keep your doors open 24/7, but with a website you can promote your brand and product around the clock.


"When I launched the idea for Herschel's Raw Talent, I needed a website up fast that I could use to get more talent signups, provide venue information and in general market Herschel's Raw Talent. Prodigee Marketing Group sprang into action and started gathering information, researching and designing a website layout. Within only a few weeks, they launched a mobile responsive website that immediately started gathering talent signups."

~Herschel Walker

The enemy of art is the absence of limitations.

Our Services

Our research method provides customer insights that are fundamental to the strategic decision making. We interview everyone involved; users, potential users, stakeholders and you. We want to know your customers’ needs, expectations and frustrations, and how to empower innovation and add sustainable value to your organisation.

Our entire design process, from concept to development, is geared towards creating an unforgettable user experience for your digital products & services. The real magic happens when the concept comes to life in pixel-perfect design, with content that guides and persuades your customers during their entire journey.



  • PHP & Python

  • Web Design

  • HTML / CSS3

  • Javascript

  • eCommerce